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Trends of freelancing’21 - Gig Economy Revolution

Trends of freelancing in 2021

Globally, freelancers incorporated the market afore the pandemic. Considering that the circumstances set down amidst the Covid-19 period, the freelance market expanded due to technology advances and remote working conditions. Employees being laid off from companies made it necessary for some to start Freelancing.

The exhibit trend of using online portals to find minor job opportunities excessively peaked. Several individual professionals sought their way out as freelancers, following the loss of their full-time projects. Besides the fact that numerous start-ups were beheld, industries shut down due to fewer customers. The freelancing market reckoned.

Moreover, the statistics state that India now ranks Second, in terms of maximum benefactors being freelancers, following the United States. In India, 49% of the youth have started their freelance ventures in sectors like - It, Programming, Content creation, Finance, Web designing, Graphic Designing, Writing, and Marketing.

The pandemic brought forth changes in the traditional job market. Accelerating the gig economy market to reform strategies. Whereas the concept of the gig economy may not have newly arrived, it has quickly flourished in the due course of time. The sequence of the free-market system (Gig Economy) was designed to create opportunities for freelancers and organizations to discover and correspond collectively. While the gig economy market was developing over the period, circumstances in regards to the pandemic, shaped the progress of the gig economy much in advance by the configuration of technology and the idea of working remotely

The gig economy market has made it feasible for individual professionals or freelancers to identify and discover organizations in their favourable sector through websites and apps created to securely establish their connections. Conjoin for ceaseless endeavour. Freelancers have always benefitted from freedom and flexibility of work: Freedom of choosing the organization to venture with, and flexibility of working hours that need not be conflicted with, as in traditional companies.

The gig economy hires individual professionals, consultants and freelancers for temporary commitments and efficient work progress, owing to being experts in their particular field, the organization benefits from the advice and services provided by these individual consultants, at a minimal cost, then that of a regular employee.

Freelancing Trends that will Thrive in the contemporary era:

  • Swapping Corporate Jobs-
    Apart from the youth desiring to interchange jobs from corporate firms to freelancing, several middle-aged corporate employees who have accomplished the process of office hours will also prefer the change, for the unbounded and laid-back affluent lifestyle experience.
  • Freelancing Females:
    Women are working to leave a mark of their own in every industry. With increasing opportunities for women in every sector, freelancing is an effortless market to discover and seek opportunities for themselves. In India, three in every ten women are freelancers.
  • Stability and Remote Production:
    Advancing in technology offered freelancers the stability to work remotely with access to digital equipment and established network service while travelling or at your comfort level.

Since 2020 initiated a trend for the gig economy market, emerging trends will exceed the previous commercial development in the market for activities that would involve gig economy and freelancers. Are you an Individual Profesional, trying to expand your network? Associate with EFHx, as a digital marketplace, we provide you with potential organizations who will hire evolving freelancers for exciting projects.

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