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6 Quick Tips To Get Hired By Top Companies As A Freelancer

6 Quick Tips To Get Hired By Top Companies As A Freelancer

Freelancing has found a centre stage for expansion ever since Covid-19 came into existence. With this spotlight, every industry found an expert in the form of an Independent Professional to assist them in specific and determined ventures. And with the digital presence of gig-economies, co-relations between freelancers and customers have seen smooth and effective conduct.

Jumping from a day-to-day job towards freelancing is considered to be a challenging task, yet approved of being worthwhile. The challenge is when you don’t know where and how to begin, determined choices within the field of your expertise are mandatory when starting as a beginner. The industry is vast and has intriguing choices in each sector, one of which could be your potential or determined area of expertise.

Getting hired for the corporate field or for online freelance opportunities could be counted as two different sides of the same coin. The task of getting hired as a freelancer will be different from that of the corporate industry, but it is not that difficult.

EFHx has shortlisted 6 quick tips that will help you get projects to kick start your freelancing career:

  • Choose your area of expertise from the many choices available:
    The industry has several sectors as your option, for example, IT, Graphic Design, Marketing, Writing, Field Analysis, Web Development and Design, Social Media Marketing, and many more. You can choose from any of the many options, but you will need to be a specialist in that particular field and not a generalist. Specializing in a particular field will provide you with better and higher opportunities.
  • Improve your Digital Presence:
    You will have to ensure that your online visibility is much more professional and provides information about your professional life. This means to make yourself a brand out there on platforms that are available to you. Increase your online engagement to improve your visibility.
  • Make use of Gig- economies (Online portals) to get work:
    Online portals like EFHx are made to provide better opportunities to independent professionals and make hiring easy for customers too. These portals assist in building connections, genuine contracts and also secure payments. Working through an online portal makes the process of drafting contracts easier, so you can concentrate on providing your services to companies.
  • Keep your pricing according to the market rate:
    You definitely have the authority to put a rate on your projects, but you need to ensure that the market rates are quite similar or the rate you put is appropriate enough for the project you are delivering. If your rates are higher than those on the market, many freelancers would be available to take up the project and charge a definitive rate.
  • Mandate a definitive contract:
    Your contract needs to be informational as well as extremely specific about everything you have discussed with the customer. Define your services, payment structures, deadlines, submissions, project terms (Long-term, short-term), verify basic information briefly. Consider mentioning the legal notice of the India contract Act. Specify rules about copyright, trademark and patents. Include why GST applies to a freelancer.
  • Keep the client updated:
    No matter how early or delayed your project is, always keep the client in the loop. Know that transparency will hold more doors open for you. If you require the client to trust you with the on-going project and think you are capable enough to deliver even the next time, it would be because you allowed him to understand your pattern of work.

There are several ways you could continue freelancing, these are the first 6 you will always have to ensure to keep in check. It is mandatory to not forget the base on which you will build your future portfolio.

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