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5 Reasons why you should shift to freelance jobs from home

5 Reasons why you should shift to freelance jobs from home

Do you often give your 9-5 job a second thought? Or wonder what good could you produce if you changed your single source of income. In today’s time, being happy and being self-sufficient with a corporate (9-5) job has become difficult. Why not choose happiness from now itself? Freelancing provides you with stability, freedom and variety in addition to happiness. Yes, you read that right.

Freelancing: A freelancer is an individual who offers services to one or multiple customers (organizations) in one sector or various sectors. Freelancers are independent professionals who choose freedom and work for themselves in favourable sectors. Freelancing can be done while studying, working, travelling, or a full-time job.

Freelancing has always been a nerve-wracking subject for many discussions and debates. Although the international market has been shifting towards freelancing frequently; the Indian job market did not consider freelancing as a career choice until recently. Ever since offices were shut, people lost full-time projects and were forced to stay at home, the emergence of working from home instead of offices, at a cost effective budget, made it essential for professionals to wing the freelance market.

Fervently, freelancing came to light during the pandemic and the development of technology made it easy to embrace Independent Professionalism in no time. Every single day, people move out of the traditional job market to savour the freedom of freelancing. There might be a risk, but there’s an assurance that the risk is worth it. And the result to go for freelancing will eventually be the most rewarding decision.

While freelancing gives you a license to freedom, here are 5 other intriguing reasons to start freelancing:

  • Savour your interest:
    Choose your speciality, learn it and work upon it until you find yourself an appropriate organization to showcase your skills. The potential freelance market requires independent professionals with the ability to adapt and the desired skill set to perform. Besides, the desired skill set, producing to the best of your ability is necessary.
  • Be your own boss:
    Becoming the boss sounds like a dream, could be a reality if freelancing is on your check-list. Freelancing is like entrepreneurship, it is you who decides on your payments, whom to work for, where you want to work from and your daily routine. It could be your home, or you could travel around simultaneously (While working).
  • Choose your opportunities:
    As mentioned earlier, the opportunity is yours and you are the one that gets to decide. It is your choice- the field you work in, or the organization (customer) you venture with. The call is yours and yours alone unless you require suggestions.
  • Flexible hours:
    Since the liberty of choice is yours, working hours are yours to define as well. You can choose to work for 3 hours a day or 24 hours a day. While freelancing, you can get so much more done in a day. Work, plan parties, spend time with friends or family, plan your day your way.
  • Steady Income:
    Once you have a strong network of customers and the work you provide is of excellence, there will always be work for you in the market. In a traditional job, the boss decides your appraisals and the percentage of the salary to be increased, here is your opportunity to decide your own appraisals and the income you deserve.

Forming a chain of networks or undertaking projects from customers might seem difficult at the beginning, but websites like EFHx are developed in accordance to assist independent professionals as well as the customers, which makes finding quality work opportunities and quality professionals a smooth and easy process.

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